Safety freedom, guard, secure, stability, support, trust... crisis, memories, shock, trauma, unsupported, vulnerable

Anise Hyssop, Arnica, Baby Blue Eyes, Bee Balm, Black Eyed Susan, Bleeding Heart, Blood Root,  Blue Eyed Grass, Calendula, Cherry, Dogwood,  Echinacea, Evening Primrose, Fairy Lantern, Forget-me-not, Foxglove Yellow, Fuchsia, Garlic, Golden Yarrow, Hawthorne, Hibiscus, Lady's Mantel, Lady's Slipper, Larch, Love in a Mist, Mallow, Mariposa Lily, Milkweed, Mimulus, Monkshood, Red Raspberry, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Rosemary,  Rose of Sharon, Shooting Star, Snapdragon, Snow Drop, Snow on the Mountain, SOS Rescue, Star of Bethlehem, Sticky Monkey Flower, Symphytum, Wild Geranium   

Journey Within Learning & Welness Center