Freedom  calm, ease, free, grounded, meditation, open, peaceful, relaxed, serene, trust.... anxiety, constraint, controlled, compulsive, fear, helpless, intensity, introverted, lack of control, nervousness, obsessive, ridged, ruffled, stress, stuck, tension, terror, worry

Agrimony, Angel's Trumpet, Anise Hyssop, Aspen, Chamomile
, Cherry Plum, Chrysanthemum, Comfrey, Corn, Cosmos, Crab Apple, Dill, Dogwood, Elecampagne, Feverfew, Filaree, Forget-me-not,  Forsythia, Fuchsia, Garlic, Impatiens, Indian Pink, Japanese Knotweed, Johnny Jump Ups, Lady's Mantel, Lady's Slipper, Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Mallow, Maple-Sugar, Mariposa Lily, Mimulus, Morning Glory, Nasturtium, Purple Loosestrife, Pussy Ears, Pussy Willow, Purple Lupine, Wild Pink Honeysuckle, Red Chestnut, Red Clover, Rock Rose, Rock Water, Rosemary, Rose of Sharon, Saint John's Wort, Scotch Broom, Sea Holly, Snapdragon, SOS Rescue, Speedwell, Spotted Jewelweed,  Star of Bethlehem, Sticky Monkey Flower, Sweet Chestnut, Thyme, Trumpet Vine, Valerian , Vervain, White Chestnut, White Yarrow, Wild Geranium, Wild Lettuce, Wisteria, Wood Betony, Wormwood, Yellow Hawkweed    

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