Clarity, articulateness, concentration, discerning, focus, intentional, mindful, purposeful ....communication skills,  compulsive, day dreaming, distortion, forgetful, indecisive, learning difficulties, mental chatter, overwhelmed, overstimulated, repeating old patterns, scattered, "spaced out", ungrounded

Boneset, Calendula, California Poppy, Canadian May Flower, Chestnut Bud, Clematis, Corn, Cosmos, Dill, Honeysuckle, Indian Pink, Lavender, Love in a Mist, Madia,  Mountain Penny Royal, Mugwort, Nasturtium, Peppermint,  Pink Yarrow, Pokeweed, Queen Anne's Lace, Rabbitbrush, Red Chestnut, Red Clover, Red Lily, Rosemary, Rose of Sharon, Sage, Scleranthus, Self Heal, Shasta Daisy, Snapdragon, Speedwell, Star of Bethlehem, White Chestnut , Wild Lettuce,  Wild Strawberry, Wood Betony

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